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  together, and went to a Meetup Discussion group to meet more people who were like-minded. From there, we each began dating other partners.
If you think polyamory might be for you, you must be very honest with yourself about your ability to deal with all of the things I have mentioned above, as well as many things that you might not even be aware of now! Being polyamorous looks much different than thinking about being polyamorous, and everyone I know who is polyamorous has discovered it seems to uncover triggers and insecurities they never knew they had. It is not for everyone; unlike some people, I don’t think polyamory is something that all people should explore. If it is for you, you must be fearless in your moral inventory, mature and calm in your responses to a variety of emotional situations, and compassionate to both yourself and your partners, and your partner’s partners. I will list some websites and books that I recommend to anyone interested in pursuing polyamory, and please do not hesitate to contact me at if you would like to schedule a coaching session.
Recommended Books:
More Than Two, Franklin Veaux and Eve Rickerts The Relationship Escalator, Amy Gahran Opening Up, Tristian Taormino
The Ethical Slut, Dossie Easton and Janet Hardy The Polyamorists Next Door, Elisabeth Sheff
Eight Things I Wish I Knew About Polyamory Before I Tried and Frakked It Up, Cunning Minx
Recommended Websites:
More Than Two:
Polyamory Weekly Podcast:
The Polyamorous Misanthrope: http://
How to Educate Your Therapist about polyamory: http://
Off the Relationship Escalator: escalator/
Loving More NonProfit Organization – sponsors two national conferences each year:

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