Page 23 - LCT December 2019
P. 23

   Ah, that dreaded word makes the hair on the neck stand up, and yet the marriage between Source and our conscious mind is inevitable. We become pregnant with purpose, and then as a direct result, we can understand the word broken down as "responding to the best of our ability." The term denotes a heavy obligation, but when analyzed, we realize that "responding to the best of our ability" sounds more like a commitment than a commandment.
By seeing it in a new light, we now can show up without an expectation of what others think. After all, the definition of an expectation is nothing more than a premeditated resentment.
Along with taking personal responsibility for our growth, we also have to remember that sacrifice is a part of the equation. Imagine, if you would, sitting down in a chair. Originally you were standing, only to find yourself now
sitting. We don't give much thought about our actions, but when we choose to sit, we sacrifice standing. The same goes for when you're sitting, and "decide" to stand. As human beings, we unconsciously live on autopilot, never thinking about how often we sacrifice who we are, and consequently, we then begin to prostitute our souls for the sake of being liked.
Social media can present a perfect example of getting
snagged in a world that rarely celebrates the inner aspects of who we indeed are.
Anyway, I digress. Now, let's get back to our journey within. We've taken personal responsibility for our growth, acutely aware that sacrifice is an essential factor. But, WHAT are we sacrificing in this part of the process? Well, just like when the cocoon opened for the butterfly to be released, we too must relinquish who we thought we

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