Page 16 - March 2022
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 Dequan Jones
March 2022
March 2 New Moon in Shatabhishak March 6 Mercury in Aquarius
March 13 Sun in Pisces
March 16 Rahu in Aries/Ketu in Libra March 18 Full Moon in Uttara Phalguni March 24 Mercury in Pisces
March 30 Venus in Aquarius
New Moon in Shatabhishak puts a focus on the support and healing of humanity. Along with protection, secrets, medicine, groups, knowledge, creative talents, dreaming, and metaphysics. This is a
This is a good time to incorporate a spiritual, meditation, or healthy practice into your life. Especially if you have no routine and are struggling to stay on track. Sometimes washing away your worries and clearing your mind opens up secret doorways to your success. It’s also a great time to become a part of a group, to support others, or to seek support for yourself. The healing starts as a community.
Mercury in Aquarius is good for business and making money. Especially in careers that involve support and healing. The focus will shift to societal issues, the future, dreams, and scientific inventions. Mercury Conjunct Jupiter will help to expand this vision even more. Being generous and compassionate increases the chances of achieving success and gains.
Sun in Pisces is the bridge between the desolate winter to the blooming spring. This puts a focus on our greater purpose in life. After reflecting during the winter months, a vision is finally realized. Waking us up to deeper insights and clarity about our lives. This is a great time for meditation, keeping a dream journal, seeing a therapist, seeing a life coach, and implementing healthy/spiritual practices into your life. Take the time to reflect on where you are and where you are headed.
Rahu in Aries and Ketu in Libra is a big event. It is the karmic churning of the ocean in our lives. Rahu in Taurus was about building security and Ketu in Scorpio was about finding deeper meaning. As we shift forward, the karmic theme will also shift. Rahu is all about illusion and Ketu is about finding the deeper truth. Rahu takes us towards our fears and desires. Ketu strips us of material attachment and shows us what’s beyond this smoky illusion of fame, power, and material obsession. Rahu in Aries is focused on achieving individuality and gives the illusion that

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