Page 14 - LCT December 2019
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 Hello Maxx, I am a thirty-seven year old and until recently, a virgin. I started dating a man, we had such a great connection and I felt so loved by him, that after nine days of this amazing closeness when he asked me for money to help pay his rent, I sent it. He told me he didn’t get it, so I asked him for his landlord’s information so I could send it directly. Turns out, he given me an alias. I have sent over $3,000 dollars and lost something very precious to me and I still dream about this man everyday Please help me, have I been Catfished?
Dear Catfished, I am so sad to hear that and so sorry to say that this happens a lot in the world of social media and dating. You have been deceived and I won’t go into the red flags but please be wiser in the future. Your virginity was a great gift and you did give it to someone you trusted. What I ask is that you give yourself more time to get to know someone first. Nine days is not enough time to share yourself or your bank account.
Love yourself. Just ask Maxx.

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